2 min @ Each Sta w/ 1 min rest in between for 2 rounds:

Sta. 1: Sled Push / Pull
Sta. 2: Tire Flips
Sta. 3: Wall Balls
Sta. 4: Power Snatch (75#/45#)
Sta. 5: Burpees

The Jay Bush Experiment…  Jay started with us about a month ago.  Jay wanted to lose a few pounds, tone up, and become more fit.  As such, the CCP staff gave him some nutritional advice and began easing him into our CrossFit fitness programming.  To document his progress, we are taking a photo of Jay in the same pose every single time he comes in to work out for the next three months.  The results so far are double digit weight loss, several inches off the waistline, increased muscle definition, and a lot more endurance.




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