Who We Are

An elite CrossFit gym in Tampa, Florida. We offer group training based solely on a CrossFit fitness regime. This is not your typical “globo” gym. We embrace the unpredictable, non-routine fitness approach that CrossFit prescribes. We have pull up bars instead of lat pull downs, free weights instead of machines, and pavement instead of treadmills.

We have athletes of all ages and backgrounds all with one common goal – to get fit. We encourage healthy competition and camaraderie among our members. We are extremely family friendly and welcoming to all members.

Our Mantra


We provide an atmosphere that gives each member the courage to perform any workout. We have conviction and believe in the CrossFit model. Our trainers and coaches will perform the same workout as you. We are determined to see that all athletes persevere to finish each workout.

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CrossFit Citrus Park Saturday WOD
CCP Saturday WOD

What is CrossFit?

“CrossFit is a principle strength and core conditioning program that focuses on optimizing physical skills to forge a broad, general, and inclusive fitness. The CrossFit approach is consistent with what is practiced in elite training programs associated with service academies, collegiate athletic and professional sports teams, and professional athletes worldwide. However, this program is not just for the elite athlete. CrossFit is designed for universal scalability and has proven that a person who may be overweight, sedentary, or elderly will receive the same success as that elite athlete.

How does CrossFit accomplish this? The answer is through performing constantly varied fundamental movements at a high intensity. CrossFit is a fitness program designed around improving natural and essential movements and skills that all human beings were born knowing how to perform, varying those movements, and repeating them at a rate that warrants the desired physical response. Our workouts are designed to see that you achieve your goals safely and efficiently. We are results oriented. Without results, this program would not exist.”

-Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.


CrossFit Citrus Park Address

7615 Ehrlich Rd.
Tampa, FL 33625