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This is the main focus of our gym. CrossFit includes all fitness programming designated at the regularly scheduled CrossFit class times. To learn more, go to

CrossFit 101

Our CrossFit 101 course is designed for beginners to learn essentials about CrossFit, the movements used, and terminology so that you are prepared when you enter the general CrossFit populous. This is performed over a one week period with two instructional sessions during the week and a capstone class on Saturday. Each session will end with a workout touching on what you learned in the class.

Open Gym

Missed a workout during the week because of dinner with your in-laws? Tried your first hero WOD and could not walk upright for three days? Open Gym Sundays are available to all members to help catch up from the previous week or to just come in and work on some fundamentals. No program, just you and the gym.