Endurance WOD #2

Complete as many exercises within the allotted time frame.  Start each round at the beginning.

Round 1: 3 min Work + 2 min Rest

Round 2: 6 min Work + 3 min Rest

Round 3: 9 min Work + 4 min Rest

Round 4: 12 min Work

20 Reps of Burpees -> Wall Balls -> Swings (75#/55#) -> KTE -> Box Jumps -> Ring Dips

Note from Dan: “All the participants in the Endurance WODs seem to have stepped their games up.  I know this is only the second one but the effort and energy has been great.  It is a real pleasure coaching this class. If you want these to continue after the challenge, then come and see me so I can hear your thoughts on how to impliment it into our program.”

Round 3…Look at Mike Buck.

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