6 Curtis P’s 95/65

9 C2B Pull ups

12 Mountain Climbers (per leg)

3RFT (15min cut off)

Rest 2min

Death By Swings…

EMOM of swings.. 55/35

Thank you to Sparta and Tru Grit for an

1 min 10 swings .. adding 1 swing each minute

A huge thank you to Sparta and T.G.F for an awesome Saturday! The competition was great! Everything ran smooth, the team work form everyone was great! All of the athletes did an amazing job! We are so proud of CCP!!! You all killed it!


Way to go CCP!!!

Way to go CCP!!!

1 min max reps of the following:

Ring dips
Dead lifts 135/95
Hr pushups
Dumbbell lunges 55/35

3 Rounds

** score is total reps **