50- 40- 30 -20 -10 of
               HR push ups
Swings 55/35
          **400m run between each**


So many of you have been with CCP while our very own Brittany Bergin was going through her cancer treatment. Brittany is doing great and here is a positive update.. Thank you for all your help, love, and support!

Brittany’s AFP (the tumor marker number for her cancer) is reaching normal levels.  This level will be checked every three weeks to be sure the cancer does not recur.  As long as this number stays in the normal range, Brittany will have no additional chemotherapy and her port will be removed sometime in the next couple of months.  She will have follow up scans to be sure her body remains free of disease.

She is a happy 19 month old child.  She has grown a lot and is even starting to get some hair!  She talks, walks, and throws tantrums like a normal baby girl! 


Death by Thruster 115/75

1 on the first min ,2 on 2nd min, 3 on 3rd min until you are unable to complete the #.. once you are out run 1 mile

920 519