Thank you to the Buccaneers for putting together such a fun event! It was nice to see all the crossfit boxes together. Congrats to our own John M, Ryan E, Roman L, Coach Eric and Coach Mike! You all did a great job and showed off your CCP pride! A special congrats to coach Mike for making it all the way to the end!


Thanks to all the others who came out to have fun and show support for our guys!!

In Teams of 4
800M Med Ball Run (1 ball per team)
200 Front Squats (bar cannot touch ground) (135/95)
600M Plate run (45/25) (1 plate)
200 Toes to Bar (1 person works)
400M Farmers Carry (1 set of DBs per team) (50/25)
200 Push Press (bar cannot touch ground) (135/95)
200M Walking Lunges
200 Box Jumps (2 can jump at once) (24″)
Want to say  congratulations to John Mason who was our male winner of the fat loss challenge and Donna Dix who was the female!
Everyone did an amazing job.. pictures and details to follow this week!
Keep up the good work!