Memorial Day Workout…

In honor of this special day, CCP is going to be having a Hero WOD at 10 am.  We invite everyone to join us for the workout and have a great holiday weekend.

Skill Focus:
15 min of Power Clean working towards 3 rm

WOD: 3 rds For Time

200M Row

20 Renegade Rows (45#/30#)

200M Row

10 Manmakers (45#/30#)

Next week is the last week of free WODs and CrossFit 101.  If you or someone you know was interested in testing out CCP, be sure to remind them to attend next week.  The classes will begin Tuesday at 7 and 8 pm respectively because of the Holiday.  Be on the look out for a Monday WOD in honor of Memorial Day.


5 rounds For Time:



20 Push Press

25 Back Squat