Great job today guys! I think we are all starting to recover from Thanksgiving!









800m run

50 Wallballs 20/14

200m run

40 Hollow rocks

200m run

30 Burpees

200m run

20 Swings 70/50

200m run

10 Manmakers 50/25

400m run


We at CCP want to say thank you Mike Weaver for spending your time home with us! Good luck to you on your next journey and thank you for all you do for our country! You will be missed! And do not worry Lindsay is in good hands!! See you soon!



5 OHS 95/65

25 PullUps

10 OHS

20 PullUps

15 OHS

15 PullUps

20 OHS

10 PullUps



In teams of 5 .. Max reps for 2 minutes of the following exercises:

Tire Flips

Box Jumps


Swings 55/35

SDHP 65/45


  We are cheering for you Brittany! We all love you and pray for you.. CCP will get through this as a family! We know you are a fighter baby girl!