Team Fran
Teams of 4
800M Run
200 Thrusters (95#/65#) (Bar cannot touch ground during exercise; 1 person lifts – two people are set to hold – last person is prepping to lift)
200 Pull Ups
800M Run
Same teams = sled push relay (90#/30#) 100m top two teams race but half the distance.. winning team gets to split two shakes!!

30 Wall Balls
300M Suicide
30 Swings (75#/55#)
300M Suicide
30 SDLHP (95#/65#)
300M Suicide
30 T2B
300M Suicide
300M Suicide

Happpy Birthday Vanessa!

Congrats to our very own Mike Buck!! What a show. You did great!

30 G2O 135/95
for time
1600m run for time