Metcon (Time)
365 2020
Movement #1: DB Goblet Lunge (55/35) (dropping DB is a stoppage)
Movement #2: Ring Row (breaking grip is stoppage of movement-pausing at the bottom in plank is not stoppage)
Movement #3: Single DB Step Ups (35/25) (putting dumbbell down is stoppage of movement)
Movement #4: Single Arm DB Shoulder to Overhead (35/25) (putting dumbbell down is stoppage of movement)

Athlete must complete a total of 365 reps. Athlete will perform as many reps as possible unbroken. Once you drop or break, the Athlete will take a 100m run and then switch to the next movement. The only way the Athlete can switch to the next movement is by performing a 100m run. WOD is complete when 365 total reps have been completed. A break is defined by a stoppage of movement, releasing of grip, or dropping of the weight. Athlete can begin at any movement.