800m run

10 man makers 50/25

400m run

15 man makers

200m run

25 man makers

Family Love...


Husband and wife GETTING AFTER IT!!!


Head to the trail and stop at the bottom of the “hump”

In teams of two complete each exercises while your partner is sprinting over the “hump”

1. 50 push up

2. leg cranks

3. 50 push ups

4. leg cranks

**alt exercises**

The head back to CCP and preform

200 sit ups

In one week  we will Kick off SPRING with a FAT LOSS CHALLENGE!!!

We are offering a FREE community WOD! Bring any new friends to the box for the workout and get a $10 credit on your challenge fee! 

Red bull will be in site to give us all the details we need to register for the wings for life run! There will be a DJ, Food, and Fun!